What Is AI-Aligning In Organisational Design?

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What Is AI-aligning in organisational design?

In the field of organisational design, internal alignment of the organisational design always has been an important issue. However, in periods of fast changes in the external environment like since last weer with Ai, continuous AI-aligning the 7 levers of change in the AI-powered organisational design with the AI-model canvas is even more important to survive in the AI-powered economy.

What is AI-aligning in organisational design?

In the field of organisational design, AI-aligning aims at leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously align all 7 key elements, the ‘7 levers of change’ in the AI-powered organisational design to achieve or maintain a healthy and safe work environment thats attract and keeps talented employees.

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AI-alignment of these 7 elements, ‘the 7 levers of change‘ at the heart of the AI-model canvas, is key to become a succesful AI-Aligned, an AI-Powered organisation, an AI-powered company and AI-powered Bank in the future.

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