What Is Situational Change Management?

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What Is Situational Change Management?

It is interesting to see that managers have been learning situational leadership skills to improve their personal skills for decades, but that situational change management, also called context-sensitive change management, has never been on the agenda of traditional corporate thought leaders on developing change-ready people and change-ready organizations.

Not even during serious external crises or fast paced technololgical changes like The Democratization Of AI that started in 2022 globally online.


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What is situational change management?

Situational change management is an approach to managing organizational change, to change management, that takes into account the specific external environment and the internal situation regarding the required form of the best change strategy.

Basically, it means that depending on the external developments and the internal situation with respect to internal alignment of the existing organizational design, a different approach to change management has to be chosen and applied.

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Including for instance the culture or the structure as important organizational obstacles for change innovation, creativity and productivity in large bureaucratic organizations or any other type of organization of different sizes (startups, scaleups and SMEs).

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Depending on the external and internal situation, different types of ‘treatment’, different types of solutions, meaning a different change management intervention has to be chosen and applied.

The main criteria are how much time you have given the external environment (the ‘weather’) and the design and the state of your very large ship(The Titanic). Do you have time to make changes to the design of the Titanic after it safely arrives in the harbour of destination. Or are you with your ship in survival mode (you ran on an iceberg) and the ship is sinking slowly (you have a slow burnrate) or even fast (you are at the end of your financial runway).

These situations require different remedies. different change strategies and a different leadershipstyle of the captain as part of situational leadership skills.

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