Tony’s Toxic Workplace Survival Guide

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Tony’s Toxic Workplace Survival Guide

More and more people online have questions about how to survive a toxic workplace and toxic leadership. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common questions about those topics and my personal answers after leaving a very toxic workplace and a toxic boss suffering from a burn-out myself in 2011.

Identifying the Toxin:

  • Q: What are the warning signs of a toxic work environment?
    • Tony: Watch out for excessive negativity, bullying behavior, unclear communication, unmanageable workloads, and disregard for work-life balance by toxic leadership.
  • Q: Am I stuck in a toxic workplace?
    • Tony: If negativity is the norm, your boss takes credit for your work, or you constantly feel stressed and undervalued, it is a toxic work environment.

Escaping the Trap:

  • Q: How can I deal with a toxic boss or toxic colleague?
    • Tony: If you are working for a toxic leader, document his or her behavior including their emails for instance, try calm communication, and set boundaries to protect your own health. Consider involving people that you can trust at HR or outside of the company if necessary.
  • Q: Should I quit my toxic job?
    • Tony: Weigh the impact on your well-being against your financial needs. Explore other options within the company or consider Leaving The Corporate Rat Race as I did in 2011.

Inner Workings and Legal Issues:

  • Q: How can I survive a toxic work environment?
    • Tony: Focus on your own work, set boundaries, document negativity, and build a support network outside of work. Prioritize self-care for your mental health.
  • Q: Can I take legal action for a hostile work environment?
    • Tony: This depends on the severity and specifics of the situation. Consult with an employment lawyer to understand your options.

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