Virtual Workshop – Reclaim Your Life: Navigating the Path to a Fulfilling Non-Corporate Career

Virtual Workshop - Reclaim Your Life - Navigating the Path to a Fulfilling Non-Corporate Career by Tony de Bree -4

Virtual Workshop – Reclaim Your Life: Navigating the Path to a Fulfilling Non-Corporate Career

Hi, in 2011, I left ABN Amro to pursue a fulfilling non corporate career to become a happy and succesfull solopreneur working from home and as digital nomad. It ofen was a bumpy ride. To help you to prepare you next career step outside of the corporate work environment, I share in this one-day virtual workshop practical lessons learned from then until now.

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Target Audience: Individuals seeking to transition out of corporate life and pursue a more fulfilling and meaningful career path ‘Finding Your Why‘ step-by-step.

Virtual Workshop Duration: 4 hours & 4 hours assignments (1 day)

Virtual Workshop Learning Objectives:

  1. Help participants identify the factors driving their desire to leave the corporate rat race.
  2. Equip participants with strategies for evaluating their skills and interests to align with potential non-corporate career options.
  3. Guide participants through the process of crafting a compelling personal brand to showcase their expertise and attract potential employers in non-corporate settings or become an independent entrepreneur.
  4. Provide participants with actionable resources and support for transitioning into a non-corporate career.

Virtual Workshop Agenda:

Module 1: Understanding Your Why – Unveiling Your Motivations for Leaving the Corporate World (30 minutes)

  • – Introduction to the workshop and its objectives
  • – Exploring the reasons behind dissatisfaction with the corporate lifestyle
  • – Identifying the common signs that indicate it’s time to consider a career change
  • – Facilitating a group discussion on personal aspirations and desired lifestyle changes
  • – Exercise: “Motivations for Leaving the Corporate Rat Race – Participants will create a visual representation of their motivations for leaving their current role, function and company.

Module 2: Reshaping Your Career Vision – Discovering Your Ideal Non-Corporate Path (45 minutes)

  • – Exploring various non-corporate career options and their potential suitability
  • – Identifying transferable skills and experiences from the corporate world that can be applied in non-corporate settings
  • – Exploring personal passions, interests, and hobbies as potential career directions
  • – Facilitating a group brainstorming session to uncover hidden talents and potential niche areas of expertise
  • – Exercise: “Ikigai Journey” – Participants will map out their unique intersection of passion, purpose, profession, and values to discover their ikigai (reason for being).

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Module 3: Crafting Your Personal Brand – Standing Out in the Non-Corporate Landscape (60 minutes)

  • – Understanding the importance of a strong personal brand in non-corporate career pursuits
  • – Identifying key elements of a compelling personal brand: expertise, values, personality, and storytelling
  • – Creating a personalized brand statement that encapsulates their unique value proposition
  • – Developing a digital presence through professional websites, social media profiles, and online portfolios
  • – Exercise: “Personal Brand Scavenger Hunt” – Participants will gather resources and inspiration to build their personal brand.

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Module 4: Navigating the Transition – From Corporate to Non-Corporate (75 minutes)

  • – Exploring different transition strategies: side hustles, freelancing, entrepreneurship, or full-time non-corporate employment
  • – Developing a financial plan to support the transition and manage potential income changes
  • – Networking with individuals in non-corporate fields and attending industry events
  • – Seeking guidance from mentors and coaches with experience in non-corporate career transitions
  • Exercise: “Career Transition Action Plan” – Participants will create a roadmap for their transition process.

Module 5: Embracing the Journey – Cultivating Resilience and Optimism (45 minutes)

  • – Recognizing the challenges and obstacles that may arise during a career transition
  • – Developing strategies for overcoming self-doubt and maintaining motivation
  • – Cultivating a growth mindset and embracing continuous learning
  • – Fostering a supportive network of friends, family, and fellow career transitioners
  • – Exercise: “Resilience and Optimism Affirmations” – Participants will create personalized affirmations to boost their confidence and resilience.

Virtual Workshop Conclusion (30 minutes):

  • – Summary of key takeaways
  • – Questions and feedback from participants
  • – Encouragement and motivation to take action towards their non-corporate career goals

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