On-Demand AI Learning & Development


On-Demand AI Learning & Development.

Learn the AI skills you need with on-demand modular AI Learning & Development.

Are you looking for a flexible on-demand AI Learning & Development program in Financial Services for yourself, for your team, or for colleagues? Do you want a program that fits precisely with your personal wishes and matches your existing or new organization?

If so, in-company on-demand modular AI Learning & Development programs offers many advantages. You learn only what you or your team need. The format, content, and duration are tailored to your organization, providing exactly what you require. All our on-demand modular AI Learning & Development programs are composed based on your specific query and your specific needs or those of your (virtual) team.

Benefits of On-Demand AI Learning & Development Programs in Financial Services:

✔️ On-demand & À la carte.

✔️ Modular structure.

✔️ Hybrid learning, remote learning, and self-study combined.

✔️ Customized for your personal wishes and/or those of your team, department & organization.

✔️ Emphasis on personal AI right skilling.

✔️ Emphasis on applying knowledge.

✔️ Whenever and wherever it suits you, your team, and/or organization.

✔️ Save time, energy, and money.

✔️ Start wherever and whenever you want.

AI Learning & Development Design Methodology

Together, we determine the learning objectives, interaction forms, and content of your personal AI Learning & Development program or that of your (virtual) team. Then, our AI Learning & Development experts and instructional designers work with you to adapt the content of the composed modular AI Learning & Development program. This includes specific cases from your own field and your current and/or future role. Participants receive personalized AI learning advice.

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Teachers, Instructional Designers & AI Experts

We work with experienced teachers, content experts with experience in both the corporate world and the world of startups, scale-ups, SMEs, and freelancers. To save precious time and money, we use as much self-study material as possible, including video tutorials, e-books, and canvases, combined with online masterclasses, workshops, and practical assignments. Supported by personal or team coaching on-demand via WhatsApp & where needed online via Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom.

Save Time and Money with In-Company AI Learning & Development

Opting for a modular in-company AI Learning & Development program results in significant, measurable time savings and cost reduction for you as an individual or for your team.

Popular AI Learning & Development Modules

Feel free to choose one or more other AI Learning & Development Modules for different target groups, including on-demand ChatGPT Training & standalone modules for learning Prompt Engineering: for ChatGPT, for Google Bard, for Midjourney, and for Dall-E. These are all different AI tools with specific pros and cons and special prompts for each app.

Other popular AI learning & Development modules include modules on AI Transformation & Organizational Change for different target groups, AI Learning & Development retraining and refresher programs, and new on-demand AI Learning & Development modules for various target groups.

Exclusive Multi-Lingual Customization for International Companies

We can also create a fully personalized modular AI Learning & Development in Financial Services program for you in multiple languages. The content of the program, selection of teachers, and teaching materials are then specifically designed for and with your organization.

Learn the AI skills you need with on-demand modular AI Learning & Development and schedule a call now.

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