The Inconvenient Truth About Operational Excellence Strategy


The Inconvenient Truth About Operational Excellence Strategy


Many management consultants and digital transformation experts on LinkedIn are still promoting Operational Excellence from the Treacy & Wiersema framework from 1993 as a viable business strategy for companies and especially corporates and other large organizations.

The inconvenient truth is that you should not this use this strategy model and framework including the Operational Excellence Strategy anymore. Why?

Why? There are a number of reasons for that:

✔️  The traditional Treacy & Wiersema framework with its three value disciplines, customer intimacy, product leadership and operational excellence was designed within the context of a specific stable business environment,

✔️ It is a traditional inside-out model.

✔️  The organization is a black-box. It does not provide any tools to implement a business strategy in an aligned way in the whole organization, in the ‘organizational design’ succesfully.


✔️  Since the Nineties of the last century, the online world has become a new digital battlefield for corporates.

✔️ Since 2001 the Internet has become a limitless online battlefield, a unlimited digital marketspace accessible to everyone.

That means that any viable strategy framework:

✔️ has to be an outside-model;

✔️ has to include a tool to define a new business strategy whch caters for different strategies: a digital strategy, an offline strategy or a mix of those two.

✔️ has to include a tool to define and implement a new organisational design in an aligned way;

That means that any viable digital strategy framework will have to include tools to fill those critical gaps in the Treacy & Wiersema framework. And that is what we did together with management consultants customers in this new management ebook:

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