Survival Strategies For Corporate FinTechs

Survival Strategies For Corporate FinTechs - Management ebook by Tony de Bree - 7

Survival Strategies For Corporate FinTechs.

Many corporates in different industries including in Financial Services are in big financial trouble because of the Covid-19 crisis and even more after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Therefore, executives, senior managers and management consultants need to be able to take the right short-term measures and define and implement the right survival strategy and survival plan for those companies before it is too late.

This practical ‘how-to’ management eBook pack, including a random multiple-choice test and innovative free downloadable corporate strategy & change canvasses including the Corporate Model Canvas© and the Corporate Ecosystem Canvas©, presents a clear 5-step approach to do just that:


Survival Strategies For Corporates

How to Survive the Covid-19 Crisis in 5 Steps

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Most people do not need help with this do-it-yourself management ebook, because that is the objective.

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