New management eBook – AI-Driven Productivity Hacks – A Guide for Managers, Employees & HR Professionals

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New management eBook: AI-Driven Productivity Hacks – A Guide for Managers, Employees & HR Professionals.

Unleash AI in the workplace. Packed with practical tips, case studies & AI productivity hacks, This new on-demand eBook will revolutionize your productivity using AI.

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What is included in the ‘AI-Driven ‘ package? 

  1. A 59-pages ‘how-to’ e-book.
  2. Separate chapters on AI-driven Productivity Hacks for managers, employees & HR-professionals.
  3. Casestudies.
  4. Personal tips by Tony de Bree.
  5. Ethical considerations.
  6. Implementation challenges.
  7. Trends in AI-Driven productivity hacks.
  8. The Future of AI-driven productivity hacks.
  9. A random multiple choice exam to check if you have acquired the relevant basic knowledge.

Buy the ‘AI-Driven productivity Hacks’-package here for $8,99!

Many managers, employees and HR-professionals have also bought this on-demand short ‘how-to’ eBook package for a rediculously low price compared with traditional long managementbooks and eBooks:


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