What Is The Difference Between AI-Powered and AI-Driven?

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What Is The Difference Between AI-Powered and AI-Driven?

AI-powered simply means that an organisation and people is enabled or enhanced by artificial intelligence. For example, an AI-powered search engine uses AI to generate more relevant results for a person, or an AI-powered customer service chatbot can use AI to understand and respond to customer queries more effectively next to a human answering questions.

An example is AI-powered hybrid-working and working at home:


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Hybrid Working & Working At Home For Managers and Employees


AI-driven, on the other hand, means that AI is the primary force behind a technology or process. Focus is on the technology. In other words, AI is not simply being used to improve or augment the work of an organisation and the people in it, but rather to create a new ICT-system that would not be possible without AI. AI-systems to increase productivity for instance as described in this new eBook:

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Here is a table that summarizes the key difference between AI-powered and AI-driven:

AI-poweredFocus is on the person. Enabled or enhanced by artificial intelligence.An AI-powered search engine helping people
AI-drivenFocus in on the technology. AI is the primary force behind a technology or process.An AI-driven drug discovery platform.

Here are some other examples of AI-powered and AI-driven technologies:

  • AI-powered: AI-powered translation tools, AI-powered spam filters, AI-powered product recommendation systems.
  • AI-driven: AI-driven personalized learning platforms, AI-driven medical diagnosis tools, AI-driven fraud detection systems.

As AI continues to develop, we can expect to see even more innovative and groundbreaking AI-powered and AI-driven technologies emerge, supporting different things and people including new online platforms for instance.

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