The Difference Between AI-Upskilling, AI-Reskilling And AI-Right-Skilling In Financial Services

The Difference Between AI-Upskilling, AI-Reskilling And AI-Right-Skilling In Financial Services on -7

The Difference Between AI-upskilling, AI-reskilling and AI-right-skilling In Financial Services

AI-upskilling, AI-reskilling, and AI-right-skilling are all terms used to describe the process of acquiring new relevant soft and hard skills related to artificial intelligence (AI) in any industry, including in Financial Services.

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The differences between these terms are the purpose of your personal learning process and the effect on your current or future role or function, translated into a shorter or longer targeted skill-based personal development plan:

✔️ AI-upskilling is the just-in-time acquisition of releveant AI-related skills to improve in your current role or function as an executive, manager, employee, or (future) entrepreneur. This could be, for example, by learning new software including AI, developing new problem-solving skills, or improving communication skills. Upskilling can help you improve your personal performance, increase promotion opportunities, or simply get better at your current role.

✔️ AI-Reskilling is the timely acquisition of new AI-related skills to function in a new role. This may be necessary if your current role, job, or work disappears, if you want to choose a new career direction, or if you want to quickly adapt to new technological developments around AI. Reskilling can help you avoid unemployment, also called ‘job displacement’, start a new career, or increase your chances in the job market including the online gig economy.

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✔️ AI-right-skilling is the timely acquisition of the right AI-related skills for the current and future needs of you as a person. This means that you as a pesron quickly and timely learn the skills needed to secure the future of your work and income in the AI-driven economy. AI-right-skilling can include both AI-upskilling and AI-reskilling. The goal of AI-right-skilling is to improve your own productivity with the help of AI and to secure the future of your work and income as much as possible.

In short:

  • – AI-upskilling improves the current role of the person involved.
  • – AI-reskilling leads to a new role for the person involved.
  • – AI-right-skilling ensures that you personally the person has the right AI-related skills for your own future of work in whatever role and form.

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