Employees In The Finance Industry Do Not See ChatGPT As a Threat, Although They Should

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Employees in the Finance Industry do not see ChatGPT as a threat, although they should.

Finance is the second-biggest industry after marketing where employees and employers have differing views on how the ChatGPT technology will reduce headcount. Employees in the finance industry do not see ChatGPT as a threat, although they should.

This study shows that only 14% of employees in the finance sector fear that ChatGPT will be used to reduce headcounts and costs in their company. 

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However, 22% of employers in the finance and wealth industries consider this an option if they were to introduce ChatGPT and other related technologies into their business as part of AI driven digital transformation of their organisation and AI Powered Organizing.

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One of the ways employees in finance are losing their jobs is the use of AI spokepersons in digital marketing, education, Learning & Development & communication.

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