How To Use Google’s Gemini AI Right Now In Its Bard Chatbot


Google has recently introduced its new Gemini AI model and is offering a free trial. The Gemini Pro version is currently accessible within the Bard chatbot. Additionally, users with a Pixel 8 Pro can utilize a version of Gemini in their AI-generated text replies with WhatsApp, and in the future, with Gboard. However, only a small portion of Gemini is currently accessible, with plans for future releases to include multimodal capabilities, allowing the chatbot to process various forms of input and produce outputs in different ways. At present, only the text-based version has been integrated into Bard.

The new AI model, Gemini, has been launched by Google and is now available within the Bard chatbot. According to Demis Hassabis, the AI executive leading the project, Gemini has the potential to advance robotics and other projects. The current version of Gemini is only available in English, but Google intends to add support for other languages soon. Similar to previous generative AI updates from Google, Gemini is not yet available in the European Union. Despite its premium name, the Gemini Pro update for Bard is free to use, and users can access older AI models for free with ChatGPT, while a monthly subscription is required to access the latest model, GPT-4.

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Google has hinted at future plans for Gemini, suggesting that a further improved model, Gemini Ultra, may be released in 2024 and could initially be available within an upgraded chatbot called Bard Advanced. However, no subscription plan has been announced yet. To access Gemini Pro, users simply need to visit the Bard website and log in with their Google account. It’s important to note that this is currently an experimental feature, and users may encounter software glitches in their chatbot responses. Despite some integration issues with other Google services, Bard has shown potential for these integrations in previous tests.

The anticipated Gemini Ultra is expected to be the most capable model, designed to handle complex tasks across various forms of media. Meanwhile, the smaller version of the AI model, called Gemini Nano, is available in the Pixel 8 Pro for WhatsApp replies. As users experiment with Gemini Pro in Bard, it’s important to keep in mind the potential limitations of chatbots and consider crafting better prompts for optimal results.

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