Building The AI-Powered Organisation With The 7 Levers Of Change

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Building The AI-Powered Organisation With The 7 Levers Of Change

If you want to design and build an AI-powered organisation succesfully in an integrated and aligned way, you have to leverage all 7 key elements, the 7 levers of change, of the ai-powered organzational design in a synchronised way during AI-powered digital transformation including the right change management approach.

These 7 levers of change are:

  • 1. Culture: The shared values and beliefs that define te behaviour of people in the organisation.
  • 2. People & skills: The right people with the right skills to do the job.
  • 3. Core goals & core values: The organisation’s mission, vision, and values.
  • 4. Structure: The way the organisation is structured including as a virtual organisation with hybrid working, working at home and remote working and managing on a wide scale:

The New Normal Economy

Hybrid Working And Working at Home for Managers and Employees


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  • 5. Systems: The processes and procedures that the organisation uses to operate including ICT-systems including AI-systems and performance measurement systems.
  • 6. Business processes: The way organisation gets work done.

As part of Ai-alignment and AI-transformation, productivity gains can be achieved across the Ai-powered oganisation by using all the tips andtriks in this new how-to short ebook:

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AI-Driven Productivity Hacks

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  • 7. Digital strategy: The organisation’s overal plan for using digital technologies to achieve its strategic goals.

The right Ai-aligned digital strategy to become a digital leader in the online platform economy by using this practical short how-to ebook:

Successful AI-leaders focus on leveraging these 7 levers of change to design, build and maintain a safe and healthy working environment using the AI-Model Canvas© and other new AI-transformation tools.

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