Generating NFTs With AI

Generating NFTs with A.I. Example of a Cyborg in a deserted landscape style Carel Willink by Tony de Bree - 6

Generating NFTs With AI.

Generative AI is booming online including generating NFTs with A.I.

Creating NFTs with AI is a great way for artists to express themselves and for and make a profit from their work.

These are the four steps in the process I advice you to follow:

1. Choose an AI art generator.

There are a number of options available, including DALL-E, Midjourney, StarryAI, and NightCafe Creator. The image in the style of Carel Willink above this blog is generated with a complicated prompt using Dall-E.

Once you’ve chosen a generator, you can start

2. Creating your art. This involves providing the generator with a text description, a ‘prompt’, or image and letting it do its magic.

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The next step is to….

3. Mint your NFT by uploading your artwork to an NFT marketplace and paying a small fee.

4. Sell your NFT on a marketplace and make a profit.

For best results, be creative with your text descriptions and experiment with different styles. Don’t be discouraged if some of your attempts don’t come out the way you want them to – just keep experimenting and eventually you’ll create something you’re proud of. With AI art generation, the possibilities are truly endless.

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