What Are AI Spokespersons?

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What are AI Spokespersons?

AI Spokespersons are becoming very popular on TikTok, Instagram & Youtube as a great example of short videos. And that is why we are also going to use them on this site and on social media.

What is an AI Spokeperson:

An AI Spokesperson is an AI generated character that replaces real-life presenters in videos and presentations. It is a type of synchronized video.

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AI Spokespersons can be used for:

  • ✔️ Digital Marketing
  • ✔️ Social Media Marketing
  • ✔️ Video Marketing
  • ✔️ Learning & Development
  • ✔️ Customer Experience
  • ✔️ Employee Experience
  • ✔️ Creating Brandawareness
  • and much more.
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