ChatGPT And The Job Market: 51 Percent of Employers Planning To Cut Jobs Will Do So In Marketing

ChatGPT And The Job Market 51 Percent of Employers Planning To Cut Jobs Will Do So In Marketing - Sad Young Marketing Professional - Tony de Bree - Mockup - 4

ChatGPT and the job market: 51 percent of employers planning to cut jobs will do so in marketing

On a departmental level, employees in product management and customer service departments are 2x more likely to worry about their jobs than marketers… but marketers’ skill set is the one most at risk in the job market.


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Although employers may look into ChatGPT consulting services before making their final decisions, according to recent research, 51% of employers who are considering reducing headcount believe that generative AI would be implemented into their marketing and PR departments! Is an unforeseen wave of marketing layoffs is coming? Yes.

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And do employees in marketing and communication see it coming? No really. Only a quarter of employees in those departments envision reduced headcounts in their organization including their own job.

They could already improve their productivity by applying these ai-driven productivity hacks:

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AI-Driven Productivity Hacks

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Although employees and employers have different opinions on the job opportunities that may be impacted by generative AI, language models like ChatGPT have had widespread adoption in various aspects, and both groups polled agree that the chatbot has potential in marketing copy due to its capabilities of natural language processing. Still, for the time being, marketing employees may not have grasped just how many employers are ready to use artificial intelligence. 

In the worst case scenario, 43% of employers want to implement ChatGPT replacing marketing copywriters to create AI-generated content like a blog post, social media captions, etc., compared to 36% of marketing professionals who see chatbots as having a role in supporting them in these activities.

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