6 FinTech Blended Learning Programs

6 FinTech Blended Learning Programs

6 FinTech Blended Learning Programs

Digital-right skilling is key if you want to make the business and personal transformation from manager or employee to entrepreneur as part of your outplacement 2.0 transition for instance. And what digital-skills you will need in your digital right-skilling plan, depends on the new role you want to be able to take on.

There are six FinTech blended learning programs with different modules:

  1. Design and implement your FinTech ‘online plan-b’ next to your current job.
  2. Start your own company as independent business owner working from home.
  3. From idea to succesful startup with the FinTech Model Canvas©.
  4. From startup to succesful scaleup with the Fintech Scaleup Blueprint©.
  5. Survival strategy & change for FinTech-startups in 5 steps with the FinTech Model Canvas©.
  6. Become a succesful FinTech-startup or FinTech-scaleup consultant, trainer, coach or mentor.

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