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Fintech Startup Partners – On-Demand AI Transformation & Change Consulting, Courses, Coaching, E-Books & Podcasts

What is the AI-Model Canvas?


What is the AI-Model Canvas?

To quickly become an AI-Powered company, you need new methods and new tools as a manager, management consultant, or change manager. That is why the AI Model Canvas© was co-created with customers.

What is the AI-Model Canvas?

“The AIiModel Canvas© helps you design and implement a holistic AI-powered business model. The AI-Model Canvas© consists of the entire AI-Powered Business Model on one A4 sheet, including the AI-powered organizational design, the external part of the AI-powered business ecosystem, and 10 other building blocks, including the bottom line: the revenue model, the cost structure, and the external financing strategy.”

In total, it has 12 building blocks, including the organisation, the core competences and the core capabilities. Opening-up the traditional ‘black-box’ of the organization in traditional management books including traditional strategy models as described in this new digital strategy mapping eBook in combination with new relevant strategy models in this age of extreme competition and online shakeout:

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The rapid development of AI requires new tools for fast & integrated AI-powered digital transformation, AI-Powered change management. Including the design and integrated implementation of a new AI-powered business model, an AI-powered organizational design, and an AI-powered business ecosystem.

And that is why we co-designed and co-developed the AI Model Canvas©, in combination with a number of other practical innovative tools:

  1. The AI Transformation Canvas©.
  2. The Organizational Design Canvas©.
  3. The Business Ecosystem Canvas©.

Practical AI management tools for leaders, executives, management consultants, and change managers.

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Tony de Bree

p.s. The picture above this blog is an example of a so-called ‘mockup’. Another example of insourced graphic design we do ourselves now. Besides the AI-generated images with o.a. Midjourney and Dall-E or other ‘AI content generators’ based on them.


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