What is a ’50plus startup’?

What is a ’50plus startup’?

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What is a ’50plus startup’?
When you hear the word ‘startup’,  you almost automatically think about young people that are jumping on stages, are giving elevator pitches in front of pitch juries and ‘Dragon Dens’ and are making selfies all the time.
The truth is that most attention is indeed given to ‘young startups’ with milennials. And that also goes for startup accelerator programmes. But you do not hear a lot about successful ’50plus’ entrepreneurs, started by successful people like myself, senior and older than 50 years old, when I decided to leave the traditional world of Financial Services in 2011 (see here) and founded a successful ’50plus startup’. After 10 years of ‘side hustling’ online next to my day job at ABN Amro Bank.   
If you want read, see and hear more about ’50plus startups’ and how you can turn your idea into a successfull ’50plus startup’, then bookmark these posts.
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