FinTech 50plus Startup Programme

FinTech 50plus Startup Programme
Many experienced senior managers in Financial Services feel like leaving corporate life or have already done so. Many of them have a dream of starting their own company as Tony did after 2012, when he was 54 years old. Or even turn their idea into a successful FinTech startup. But they often think they are just too old. 
The truth is that many successful entrepeneurs including founders of startups in FinTech are ’50plus’ and not milennials at all. 
History shows that ’50plus startups’ actually have a very big chance to ‘get off the ground and fly’ and that includes 50plus startups in FinTech. And that is why we lauch a new innovative blended learning ‘Fintech 50plus Startup Programme’.
If you want to get more info about this new ’50plus startup’ blended learning programme on demand, contact us here.

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