Three Mistakes You’re Making With Your LinkedIn Profile
Three Mistakes You’re Making With Your LinkedIn Profile
Three Mistakes You’re Making With Your LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, the number one most important part of the process is getting your personal or business profile right. What I mean by that is the following.

1. You want your personal or business profile to be complete.
2. You especially want your profile to ‘sell’ you and you startup or scale-up!

I see a lot of people’s and business profiles on LinkedIn that fail on one, or often both, of these points. In the rest of this article, I’d like to talk about the three most common problems I often see.

Problem #1: Poor Photo

LinkedIn is a business site! Unless you run a beach-side concession renting out umbrellas and sea kayaks, you don’t want your LinkedIn profile picture to be from your last vacation. You know the one I’m taking about, right? Yep—the one where you’re wearing your multi-colored swim suit, and you’re carrying around that boogie board you love so much. Would you dress like that for a job interview or if you are going to visit a prospect or a possible investor? Gosh, I hope not!

Go dress up as you would for that job interview or for a meeting with the customers you are focusing on and get your significant other to take a well-lighted picture with your phone. Should do the job!

Problem #2: No Summary or Poor Summary

I see this all the time. People with otherwise great looking profiles, but their summary is either not there or it’s only one sentence long. That summary space has a 2,000-character limit. Use them all, or as close as you can!

Problem #3: No Recommendations

This one’s a little more problematic than the first two, because you actually have to get someone else to do the recommending. But, here’s the deal. People are actually scrolling down and looking for those recommendations! You don’t need many. Two or three will do nicely. So, do this, if you don’t already have some. Ethically get some of your closer business associates to fill out a LinkedIn recommendation for you. You can either write it for them, and they can copy and paste or they can do it all themselves!

The bottom line is this—you need a full and complete profile. LinkedIn even prompts you for this, so if you haven’t filled out everything, you should know better! Stop what you’re doing right now and get that LinkedIn profile in tip top shape. You’ll be glad you did!

Well, this was the first article on LinkedIn and LinkedIn-marketing for you as a person and for your company. Being a corporate, a startup or a scale-up. If you don’t want to miss any future article of mine every Sunday on LinkedIn and LinkedIn marketing, bookmark the category ‘LinkedIn marketing’ here.


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