FinTech Logo-Reveal Video In A Glass

FinTech Logo-Reveal Video In A Glass

Video is getting more and important to create awareness of you personal and of your FinTech business brand online. Especially since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially so-called ‘pitch-videos, short marketing videos of maximum 90 seconds are playing an important role in that. There are different types of pitch-videos and one of them are so-called ‘logo-reveal videos’ like in this case the logo of the ‘FinTech Video Agency©’.

FinTech Startup Partners© also works together with partners to produce pitch-videos with 3 scenes like the two you can see here if you click the links……

Watch: ‘Right-skilling is key to stay relevant’ & ‘Digital Right-Skilling Key For Your Future’

We use pitch-videos for our customers and for ourselves all the time to promote and sell different solutions in Dutch, English and French on different social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Want to use pitch-videos in your FinTech Business?

If you are interested in using social video marketing in your FinTech-business, than contact us here now or connect with me on Linkedin and send me a pm.

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