Digital Right-Skilling In Banking – FinTech Options

Digital Right-Skilling In Banking – FinTech Options

Digital-right skilling is key if you are scared to lose your current position in a corporate bank or if you want to make the business and personal transformation from employee to entrepreneur and fast.

4 types of digital right-skilling learning paths in our ‘Digital Right-Skilling In Banking’: the FinTech options.

And what digital-skills you will need in your personal digital right-skilling plan, depending on the new role you want to be able to take on:

  1. Start your own company in Banking as independent business owner with your own virtual organisation like Tony did part-time in 2000 and full time from 2011 onwards, staying small;
  2. Found your own startup including in FinTech or RegTech;
  3. Work for a scaleup including FinTech- or RegTech scaleups;
  4. Become a relevant banking consultant, trainer or coach for instance.

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