All our services are customised and tailored to your requirements and your demands, using crowdsourcing and working together with trusted partners.
Business & Marketing Consulting

We provide business consulting on strategy development, competitive analysis, defining your unique profit models and your unique business models online and offline. We can write business plans together with you or we can review your business plan online or offline. And we can help you with your communication and marketing strategy including pitching, social media marketing and video marketing.

Education, Training & E-Learning

All our education & training services are focusing on helping you to be different from the pack. With different types of individual learning materials, with online training and education and with innovative workshops and masterclasses online or offline like our popular 'Fintech Startup Blueprint (c) workshop, the 'How can I create a startup next to my studies' masterclass for student startups or the very popular workshop 'How to make money with Compliance?'

Individual Personal & Business Coaching & Team Coaching

Depending on your needs and requirements we co-create tailor-made coaching activities. Ranging from individual online and offline personal and business coaching for you, your co-founder or your team members to team composition and team building training, workshops and masterclasses taking from 4 hours to 3 days.