[NEW]: Fintech Re-Employement Services (FRES)
[NEW]: Fintech Re-Employement Services (FRES)
[NEW]: Fintech Re-Employement Services (FRES)

Our new Fintech Re-Employment Services (FRES) program.

The intent of our new Fintech Re-Employment Services initiative (FRES) is to help large groups of Banking & Finance executives & middle-managers  to make the personal transition from unemployment to employment as soon as possible. To make money with their own talents, passions and networks online & offline.


While designing and rolling-out our personalised ‘Digital leadership in Financial Services’ program for Banking & Finance executives, we were approached by a senior HR-business partner at a large organizationwith the question if we could design a similar blended-learning program for groups of middle-managers and other (head-office) professionals including like for instance Finance, Risk and Compliance officers.

Blended learning Fintech outplacement program.

The blended-learning program is based on the combination of classroom-activities, individual assignments, training videos, different types of self-study materials including e-books, workbooks, training videos, checklists and individual and team-training, coaching and mentoring.

The basis for the program is the 5-step blueprint for independent business owners that is also at the heart of my Dutch bestseller ‘Geld verdienen met jezelf’ (more info in Dutch here) and the one for founders of startups and CEOs of scale-ups ‘Kan het vliegen? Van idee tot succesvolle startup'(en scale-up). If you want to read more about that bestselling ‘how-to-book’ here (in Dutch).

Our program is ready, so if you are a HR-professional or an Employability-professional, read more about this flexible program here, call me on +31634387806 or send me an email today.

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