Social video best practices for FinTech startups and scale-ups
Social video best practices for FinTech startups and scale-ups
Social video best practices for FinTech startups and scale-ups

Think social videos are only relevant to big corporates? Think again! Social videos are an important thing to incorporate into your digital marketing campaigns, regardless of what industry you work in.  While it’s unlikely your video is going to go viral, it’s still going to do wonders for your startup to attract customers and investors for instance. Like the one you can see in the footer of this site with the girl.

So how do you start incorporating social videos into your marketing efforts and what is the best way to go about it?

Never make them too promotional

The goals of your videos can be different. You might want to attract new customers or new investors. Or you might want to turn statisfied customers into loyal customers. So with a focus on customer retention. In general, it makes sense to want to create a video that highlights why you, your team, your solution and/or your products or services are special. However, most people don’t want to watch promotional videos, or at least not ones that are obviously promotional.

Instead, you need to focus on storytelling and problem solving. Make the video useful to the viewer. Social videos are extremely popular these days, which means there are a LOT of videos added to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. To stand out, your social videos need to offer something different and engaging.

Keep them short

One of the most challenging aspects of social videos is getting the length just right. Your target audience largely decides which length you should be focusing on. For example, Generation Y prefer short, snappy videos of up to just 30 seconds long. The older generation on the other hand sometimes prefer longer content.

However, generally speaking shorter videos do work better for the majority of businesses including for you as a founder or a co-founder of a FinTech startup or a CEO of a FinTech-scaleup. The goal is to present something your target audience would find value in, but delivering it in short consumable format. If you have a larger amount of video content, simply break your videos up into short ones and release them as a series.

Give your brand a personality

There is a massive amount of competition with social videos. As they are proven to be so successful, businesses have started to release a huge amount of videos on all of the major social networks. So how do you make sure yours stand out? Make sure you stand out from the crowd! Add a little personality by making it personal. And try to give your solution, your products & services a personality too.

Add humor where you can and make your videos as entertaining as possible. The more personality you can add to your videos, the more likely they will be to get shared and liked by your followers.

There are a lot of things you need to take into account when creating social videos. The practices above are just some of the ways you can ensure you’re getting the most from your social video marketing campaigns.

I hope these tips help. If you want to read more blogs on social video marketing and more examples of social videos, bookmark the category ‘Social video marketing’ on this site here.


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