Fintech Outplacement Program
Fintech Outplacement Program


When I left the ABN Amro Bank 6 years ago, I went through a time consuming, standard outplacement process. Including how to learn to write c.v.’s and how to do a job interview. And to be honest, it was a waste of time and money. Why? The problem is that because of the current situation of the labour-market for Banking & Finance professionals in The Netherlands and in many other European countries, that does not make any sense. Especially if you are senior or middle management level or finance professional working in Risk, Compliance or Legal with many years of experience and a relatively high salary.

I have spoken to many people since then from many large banks including ABN Amro and Rabo Bank and a number of insurance companies that had lost their fixed job in different ways. And they all had the same experiences as I had. So that is why we decided with a number of partners to design our own flexible and modular program, also leveraging my personal experience with large scale e-learning programs at the Amro Bank (see here).

A blended-learning Fintech outplacement program.

Based on my own experiences and other people of similar age and with similar experiences including a number of ex-ABN Amro colleagues, we designed together with partners an innovative new program we call ‘Fintech Outplacement’.

Target groups.

This innovative blended-learning program is aimed at:

– senior and middle managers in Financial Services (including in banking, insurance and other financial institutions).

– senior professionals (Risk, Compliance, Legal & Finance)

Groups sessions and individual coaching.

We propose a blended learning program on demand combining classroom sessions at our locations or in-company, with assessment of the profile of the individual people in the program, team-activities, individual assignments and search activities based on the individual profile of the different people participating, their personal preferences and our personal advice for each individual participant.

The 5-step Fintech Startup Blueprint (c) is used for starting and scaling your own startup and the Starters Blueprint (c) is used for people that want to start their own business as an independent online & offline entrepreneur (‘ZZP’er’ in Dutch).

The program can be adapted to individual requirements of your organization.

Advantages over traditional outplacement-approaches.

As we are a virtual organization, our organizational costs are relatively low and together with the best partners I designed the program based on the content of my books and the many workshops and masterclasses I have facilitated in Dutch and English over the last 6 years. A flexible program ‘as if it was for myself’. On top of that it is a ‘all-in-one’ solution, including:

  • Individual assessments.
  • Group sessions on different topics from the two blueprints from the two bestselling books I wrote for people losing their job in a large Financial Services corporate like myself (see here) and for people that want to found their own startup or become a management-team member in a Fintech startup or scale-up (including RegTech of LegalTech or another knowledge-domain).
  • Tailor-made search activities for each individual.
  • Individual business coaching and personal tips from idea to successful company (if desired).

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If you are the Head of a Mobility Center in a Financial Institution of a (senior) HR-business partner and you want to know how you can save money and time on your current generic outplacement approach, then contact us today by filling in your information here. You can also WhatsApp me or call me on 06-34387806 today.