Fintech Investor Ready© Services

Fintech Investor Ready© Services: Tony de Bree with the team of Investor Ready from CEO Peter Vermeer (to the left with the book).

Fintech Investor Ready© Services.

Since 1997, when I started at ABN Amro Corporate IT Strategy reviewing people, ideas and business plans and advising, training and coaching founders and co-founders of high-tech companies including in Fintech, RegTech & LegalTech, I discovered that most of them were not and are often still not ‘Fintech Investor Ready©‘.

That is why I decided to partner with a number of best-in-class partners like ‘Investor ready’ with their very experienced CEO Pieter Vermeer in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) today. To help you as a founder of a FinTech, RegTech or LegalTech startup or as CEO of a Fintech, RegTech or LegalTech scale-up to become ‘Fintech Investor Ready©‘.

So how do we do that? We use the Fintech Startup Blueprint©.

The Fintech Startup Blueprint©.

We use the 5-step model from the Fintech Startup Blueprint©’ to work with you from idea to finding the right investor with strategy development, team composition, business modelling, revenue modelling, online and offline sales & marketing planning including social video marketing, pitching and pitch decks and the rest of your complete marketing strategy, your Financial strategy and your regulatory strategy to write your Lean businessplan. And when we think you are really ‘investor ready’, we put you into contact with the right investors. How does that sound?

How to become ‘Fintech Investor Ready©’.

If you want to find out how we can help your Fintech, RegTech or LegalTech startup or scale-up to become Fintech Investor Ready©, take action and call me tomorrow on 06-34387806 and fill out this form now:

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