Digital Leadership Program

New blended learning ‘Digital Leadership Program’ for non-financials by Tony de Bree & Holtrop Ravesloot.

The ‘Digital Leadership Program’ for non-Financials.

Digital transformation creates huge opportunities for different industries and the customers they serve, but that only works for you as an executive and senior manager if you are up to the tasks and have the right mindset and the appropriate soft skills and hard skills to become a digital leader.

Now the challenge is completely different if you want to become a digital leader in a large organization in your current industry, in another industry or if you are considering to start your own company. In whatever format that is. Now the question is: are YOU up to it? Can you become a digital leader? Here is the answer.

We help you to make the right choices…for you.

Together with a number of strategic partners including Boudewijn Vellinga from Holtrop Ravesloot, a worldclass search and recruitment firm, we will help you every step-of-way. To make the right choices for you as a person and in your professional life. Based on my own personal lessons with making my own ‘plan b’ since 2001 and what I learned since I left ABN Amro after a traditional outplacement process in 2011 (check  my personal journey here) and the experiences of others including in our successful ‘Digital Leadership in Financial Services’ program.

We help you building your brand and differentiate yourself.

So that you are different from all those other people loosing their job and following traditional outplacement programs. If you are ready for it that is. Some of things we can help you with after you have signed up for our program:

  1. To make the right choices during your outplacement process at your current employer.
  2. To choose the best education and training programs in combination what we provide you with.
  3. To find a similar job in your own industry.
  4. To find a similar job in another industry.
  5. To start a startup as a founder or co-founder.
  6. To join a startup or scale-up team fitting your expertise.
  7. To make the personal transition from employee to independent business owner (self-employed).

Depending on what is realistic and what is feasible. And all of that at an incredible low price for the different modules in the program. At a fraction of the costs of traditional programs. Including education and training and personal coaching.

How does this new program work?

After an initial intake with myself and Boudewijn Vellinga van Holtrop Ravesloot, you decide to enroll for the program or not. If you decide to enroll for the first 1-day module, you will do a very sophisticated test and you will receive a combined report and advice based on the experience from different angles including who you are, what you want and what your personal conditions are. We will then will help you to define your personal blueprint and your personal action plan in module 2 depending on which options you want to pursue first.

As the program is very personal and tailored to your personal profile and choices, we do not organize classroom sessions with ‘professors’, but help you to ‘do-it’, to execute your plans. So that means unfortunately that the number of people that can join is very limited.

Yes, Tony, send me the information on this innovative program now!

If you want to know more about this exclusive & innovative ‘Digital Leadership’ program for non-Financial Services executives and senior managers, fill in this form now and attach your c.v. We will contact you immediately by phone to set up a meeting asap. And will send you the brochure in English or in Dutch (please include that in this form) when it is ready.

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