Digital Leadership in the Public sector

New: ‘Digital leadership in the Public sector’ program by Tony de Bree.

‘Digital Leadership in the Public sector’ program.

6 years ago, I left ABN Amro and started my own personal transition ‘from employee to entrepreneur’ after having experienced the difficulties of finding another job at the same level. Since then, many senior executives and other people from within and outside the Financial Services industry have asked me ‘How I did it? And what worked for me?’. I did a number of projects in the public sector and I found out that executives and senior managers had the same problems there.

So I decided to try and help more people from the Public sector with their personal journey also. To help them to make the right personal choices for them based on their own ideas, my own personal experiences and of many people in the same situation including readers of my two books on ‘how to make money with yourself’ in Dutch as independent business owner and as a founder of a startup.

My personal experiences with traditional outplacement.

I had actually worked on my ‘plan b’ since 2001 and I knew from my own experiences and other colleagues and friends that the chances of finding the same kind of position and salary I had at ABN Amro at my age (50+) were rather slim. I went through the traditional outplacement-process at ABN Amro and to be honest, that was a waste of time. But fortunately, I had done my homework.

How do I know what works or not? If you look at my LinkedIn-profile here, you can see what my personal profit model and business model is looking like since 2011. I am the author of a number of bestselling books and I am a happy person now, both on a personal and on a business level. A number of people and experts helped me to do that. And I am very grateful for that.

So I would love to share real life knowledge and experiences with the help of ‘best-in-class’ partners like in case for executive search and placement Holtrop Ravesloot with you in an innovative blended learning program. To help you to make the right choices. To be different from all those other people. If you are ready for it that is. Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • To make a ‘plan b’ and to advice and coach you during your internal outplacement process.
  • To advice you what education and training can be relevant for you next to our program.
  • To find a similar job in Financial Services.
  • To find a similar job in another industry/activity.
  • To join a startup or scale-up team inside or outside the public sector.
  • To start your own startup as a founder or co-founder inside or outside the public sector.
  • To make the personal transition from employee to independent business owner (self-employed).

To save time and money, we will use Dutch and English material from my two bestsellers in Dutch for starters, startups, scale-ups and investors inside during the different activities in your personal blueprint and road-map and other elements of our unique personalized blended-learning program including e-books, videos, checklists, exercises and other course materials.

How does the program work?

After an initial intake, together with Boudewijn Vellinga of Holtrop Ravesloot and his colleagues that are best-in-class in the Public Sector and in other industries inside and outside The Netherlands I will personally work together with you on your personal blueprint and your personal action plan. At your own pace, in your own time. If you decide to enroll for the first paid 1-day module with the personal recommendations of a number of different experts, we will help you to define your personal blueprint and action plan including how to pick the right learning and training activities while negotiating with your employer.

What you do next in the next modules 1-2, completely depends on the intake, the structured recommendations we give you, what you want yourself and on what you want to spend your valuable time, energy and money per module.

So that YOU can make the right choices and do not waste your valuable time, energy and money on things that will not work for you personally like with many traditional outplacement activities and very expensive programs at business schools. We want you to find paid work as quick as possible in whatever kind of activity you want and what is possible.

As this is a tailor-made, individual and personalised blended learning and action program on demand for you, the number of people we can work with at the same time is very limited.

Yes, Tony, send me more information on this exclusive program for senior managers in the Public Sector.

If you want to know more about this exclusive & innovative ‘Digital Leadership in the Public Sector’ program and if you want us to call you for a free intake meeting, fill in this form now and we will send you the brochure in English or in Dutch the moment the brochure is finished (please include that in this form).

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