Digital Leadership in Financial Services

Digital Disruption In Financial Services
Technology Trends

New technology enables existing Financial Services companies, ‘incumbents ‘, to become 'Lean' over time. And it enables FinTech startups and FinTech scaleups, create new new business models and innovative revenue models using for instance drones.

To disrupt the traditional competitive landscape in Financial Services with their digital strategies and create new value propositions to badly served customers and to the unbanked.

The Future Of Work In Financial Services
Less Management, More Intrapreneurs & More Entrepreneurs

Existing large Financial Institutions are forced to become 'Agile' & 'Lean' by using new technology, by promoting ‘intrapreneurship’ and by forming form different types of partnerships with FinTech startups and scaleups.

The number of available senior & middle management positions within the Financial Services Industry is diminishing fast. And the skillset of these 'traditional leaders' are very different from the ones required to become a successful  independent business owner, to found a FinTech startup or to be hired by a FinTech scaleup.

Digital Leadership In Financial Services
An Innovative Solution For Senior Finance Professionals & Intrapreneurs

Tony de Bree CEO and founder of FinTech Startup Partners designed an innovative 'Digital Leadership In Financial Services', combining a state-of-the-art blended learning programme with what we call 'active search & recruitment' with Boudewijn Vellinga an experienced Executive Search and Recruitment professional.

Every person is different and that is why we will develop with you a 'Digital Leadership in Financial Services' programme tailored to your specific needs...including video marketing.

On Demand Learning & Working

Working on your Digital Leadership skills and other Future Skills.

'Doing It' Instead Of Listening To Profs

Collaborating & working with people with real life experience.

Active Search & Recruitment

We look for positions, matching your culture and values.

Personal Satisfaction Guarantee

A promise for your personal growth which we will keep.

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