Professional Services for Corporates

Management consulting, speaking, training & business coaching for different targetgroups in corporates by Fintech Startup Partners.

Fintech Startup Partners (FSP) provides with its trusted business partners a growing number of on demand services to corporates in Banking & Finance and Financial Services and through Tony de Bree Consulting, training & coaching to companies in other industries and to organizations in the Public Sector.

These services include digital leadership programs and outplacement 2.0 programs. And management consulting, change management, new business development, strategy development and speaking, training & business coaching on subjects like:

Trends in Fintech, digital transformation, online business development, digital strategy development, digital marketing strategy, corporate entrepreneurship, visual content marketing, social video marketing, Lean business planning, Lean financing planning, outsourcing, splitting up and partnering, corporate venturing in Fintech & corporate venture management in Fintech.

Blended learning programs for senior managers, executives and other employees in your company.

If you want to train groups of managers or employees inside your company or if you want to train yourself, we provide different types and formats of professional training & coaching for:

  • Groups: ‘Fintech outplacement’ as an innovative cost-efficient and effective alternative for traditional outplacement.
  • Individuals: (former) executives (see for instance our new ‘Digital leaders in Financial Services’ program here) and for all our customer e-coaching using Skype or Google Hangouts for instance.

Educational technology and blended learning.

For all of our professional training & coaching activities we use different combinations of learning activities depending on the different learning objectives. Tony has more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing large scale e-learning programs and blended learning programs at Amro and ABN Amro using different interaction models including Tutorials, games, simulations and drill & practice on mainframe, PC and laptop combining different media including video.

If you want to know how we can help you, contact us today by email here or connect with Tony on LinkedIn here and send him a message today.