Technological trends and the future of work in Financial Services

Technological trends and the future of work in Financial Services

Because of all the different technological developments a.o. machine learning and artificial intelligence, existing large Financial Institutions are forced to transform themselves quickly by promoting internal entrepreneurship, ‘intrapreneurship’, and to form different types of partnerships with Fintech startups and scale-ups. At the same time, the number of existing senior management positions in traditional large companies is declining rapidly due to the use of new technologies including a.i. (artificial intelligence) and machine learning.

Simultaneously, the number of available positions within the Financial Services Industry as a whole are expected to diminish over time, including senior & middle management positions. These senior managers including senior executives face another serious problem in finding a position within the Fintech industry with a startup or a scale-up. Their profiles are very different from the ones required to be able to start and develop a Fintech-startup or scale-up or to be hired by such a company in the different stages of the life-cycle of the company from idea to successful startup or scale-up. Tony knows what it takes to go through the necessary personal transformation from senior banker to successful entrepreneur and how to design and implement a really innovative business model. And he knows the Fintech startup and scale-up world. And Holtrop Ravesloot can make sure that you make the right choices and that you can realize your dream in completely new ways by either finding a new position in a large corporate or after an internal program be ready to start your own company successfully or work for a Fintech startup or scale-up.

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