Corona: 7 Reasons Why FinTech Startups Go Belly-Up

Corona: 7 Reasons Why FinTech Startups Go Belly-Up
The corporate FinTech-gurus and social media influencers are ‘surprised’ about what happens now with many over-hyped Fintech-startups. 
But is it so surprising? No, it is not. These are the 7 reasons why they go ‘belly-up’.
7 reasons why Fintech-startups go ‘belly-up’. 
The main reasons why FinTech-startups (like many other startups & scaleups) are going belly-up:
1) Not enough focus on solving problems for paying customers.
2) Focusing on the competition instead of making a difference for customers.
3) No unique value proposition. 
4) Too high fixed and variable costs.
5) No cashflow.
6) Wrong financial advisors & wrong external investors.
7) Wrong methods, models and advisors.
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Dr. Tony de Bree EEP is a ‘born survivor’ and has been succesfully selecting startups & scaleups inside and outside FinTech & RegTech since 2001 (including, PayPal, Ikea, ASML and including as Dragon and in FinTech-competitions. Since 2011 he is independent business owner, succesful online entrepeneur and author of Digital Strategy Mapping. Digital leadership in the online platform economy’ including FinTech and several ‘how-to-makemoney’ bestselling books in Dutch for online entrepreneurs, startups & scaleups

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