Digital Strategy Mapping – Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy

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Digital Strategy Mapping. Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy

Want to survive Covid-19 and the perfect storm and the Great AI-Layoff and define a winning digital strategy in the online platform economy? Then use this innovative approach, these tools and free downloadable canvasses in this new on-demand eBook to focus on ‘digital blue oceans’.

What is included in the Digital Strategy Mapping’ package? 

Included in this how-to Digital Strategy & Digital leadership package is:

  1. A 58-pages ‘how-to’ e-book.
  2. A practical approach to digital strategy mapping including digital customer intimacy, digital product leadership & digital operational excellence.
  3. A number of easy-to-use innovative templates and canvasses.
  4. A practical approach to define and implement digital blue oceans.
  5. A random multiple choice exam to check if you have acquired the relevant basic knowledge.

Buy the ‘Digital Strategy Mapping’ package today here. for $8,99!

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